Basta Boatlifts designs and manufactures premium boat lifts. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington USA between two gorgeous lakes. Basta Boatlifts is a company dedicated to life on the water.

The Innovation Leader

Basta began as a small and local dock company in the 1980’s, selling boat lifts, building docks, and repairing bulkheads. Experience with all kinds of waterfront setups lead to the realization that we could do it better. Basta embarked on a new way to secure and protect boats.

Innovations emerged quickly, and in 1989 Basta Boatlifts entered the Seattle Boat Show with the first-ever solar powered remote-control accessory. The first Basta boat lift followed in 1990 – a cable PWC lift, very similar to our 1.4k lift today.

Shortly thereafter Basta Boatlifts invented the industry changing “Over-Center” gravity locking design making the cantilever style boat lift safer than ever. While other boat lift manufacturers designed boat lifts that fought gravity, Basta used gravity to keep a boat in place. The Over-Center gravity locking design was patented in 1991 and now is the standard throughout the boat lift industry.

The company’s passion for continuous improvement continues and today, Basta Boatlifts holds over 12 patents, with more pending, to bring you the best for your boat.

Passionate About Design and Quality

Basta boat lift design and production all happens in-house at our headquarters in Bellevue, WA. Every day the team at Basta Boatlifts obsess over the minutiae to ensure a high-quality boatlift and experience. Attention to detail, greater fit and finish and an unrelenting quest for continual innovations sets Basta apart from its competitors, more so each year.

Strength, quality, efficiency, and style are all essential cornerstones of Basta design. A lift that is dependable and durable should also be sleek and smooth, and you will find that the designers at Basta make sure all boxes are checked, every time.

Boasting a variety of options to best fit our customer’s needs, Basta is delighted to offer selection between aluminum and galvanized steel lifts. The Basta aluminum line features lifts that are equal parts lightweight, versatile, and stylish using only proprietary extruded aluminum. Proudly, the Basta galvanized steel line features the industry’s only steel over-center hydraulic lift. These exclusive lift packages provide a better experience in deep water, exposed moorages, and a smooth and rigid docking experience like none other.

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