Johnson Propeller Company was founded in 1936 by Oscar Johnson. Oscar started with the conviction that his company should be based on the fundamental values of quality, efficiency, durability, workmanship and customer satisfaction. Four generations later, it is clear he established a company that set high standards of excellence as OJ Props continues to grow and be a strong force in the marine industry. Johnson Propeller is still a family owned and operated company that takes great pride in the products and services they provide. This pride, coupled with the desire to produce the finest propellers and products possible has kept OJ PROPS excelling for over 80 years. While the process of how propellers are manufactured has changed in the past 80 years one thing remains constant, OJ Props continues to build and service the highest quality propellers on the market. Ingenuity and integrity is how Johnson Propeller has excelled throughout the years.

OJ’s commitment to excellence allows their propellers and complete product line to speak for themselves. OJ PROPS will continue to design and develop superior propellers and products for the ever changing tow boat market. For the past 40 years they have concentrated their efforts solely in the towboat market, growing and adapting to the needs of the evolving tow boat industry. Expect them to continue that effort into the future and continue to be the PERFORMANCE LEADER.

When you do business with Johnson Propeller, you can expect quality craftsmanship, backed by our commitment to you, our customer. We’re a small company, and we take pride in our products and services and will continue to prove our dedication and commitment to quality.

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