When Robert Oswell pioneered and patented the first shock absorbing tow rope pylon in his garage in 1998, what he ultimately envisioned was an industry in its infancy, and that meant innovation could thrive for decades to come. Driven by his passion for boating and watersports, from that Canadian garage he would ultimately launch a global company which has defined many of the marine products we all use and love today.

A brand. A family. A lifestyle.

Nearly two decades later, Roswell continues to be driven by a family culture whereby innovation is not only encouraged but thrives. Everyone at Roswell is always pushing the boundaries of the industry to make beautiful and functional products that make boating and watersports a little more enjoyable each year.

Awards & Highlights

Roswell’s United States headquarters is located in Brevard County. An area commonly referred to as the ‘Space Coast of Florida’ world-renowned for its high tech sector associated with space exploration. In 2015, Roswell was awarded Innovation Company Of The Year by the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast. In that same year, Boating Industry magazine awarded Roswell’s Cybox as one of the industry’s Top Products. We’ve set a new standard in design with the Triton Strapless Board Rack by winning the 2016 IBEX Innovation Award as well as the 2018 Water Sports Industry Association’s Water Sports Innovation Award.

Industry First Products

Roswell has proudly introduced many industry first products. Including everything from the now patented foldable weight assist system in a tower, cam lock systems and spinning tower speakers.

Quality Without Compromise.

Our products are designed and engineered in the United States and Canada applying nearly two decades of research, design, and development to each product we create. From our towers to marine audio, quality is paramount to our people and our products.

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